On the whole I would have to say my friends and family have been very supportive of our choice to leap into the unknown and work on Super Yachts. Therefore it is probably prudent that I now quote myself.

“My advice to you, is to take your own advice” Daniel McConnell

If more people listened to my own advice instead of their own and then actually started listening to themselves I would not have to launch into my latest rant and provide unsolicited advice!!!!!

Anna and I have fielded some down right retarded advice and questions in the last couple of months. I can not fathom the intention of this other than to raise my ire and have me visualising lightening bolts shooting from my charged finger tips.

Sadly all of this poor advice has come from people who have never stepped foot on a Super Yacht. Many of them have never left the country. This is painfully obvious as I would guess some of them would not pass muster at a reject fruit bin in customs .

Typically the advice goes something like this. My more salient points are in italics.

“Do you have a job to go to?”

Sadly Yachts are floating apparatus’s which move about on liquid. It is hard to prearrange work on them because they move from place to place. We will be going to the largest pleasure boat port in all of Europe so I think this will be of a benefit to us.

“Recession Recession Grumble Grumble”

Yes there is a recession. However Anna and I are incredibly lovable characters and fight off kidnapping plots daily. It is worth noting that no one really has job security at the moment. No one.

“My friend blah blah blah Cruise Ship”

Cruise ships are not Super Yachts.

“My friend is stupid”


I did actually get some cracking good information this morning from a chap at work who spent three years working on Super Yachts. He said it was necessary to get up early and walk the docks to find day work. He also said it was also de rigeur to hang out in bars to get to know different crews.

Early morning walks and bar hopping sounds horrible doesn’t it?