Having been an avid abstainer of broadcast television for a lengthy amount of time, TV in South East Asia has been something of a revelation to me.

A prodigious grid of satellite dishes and an unfettered supply of television sets provides round the clock amusement. Even more surprising is the sheer un abandoned angst that can be inflicted with the push of a button.

My traveling partner seems to have an innate ability to channel wipe out. Channel wipe out is the disastrous outcome of channel surfing, stopping at a random channel then becoming distracted.

Other unwitting surfers will peer up from a book or navel to see the native tribesmen of swahili council chiefs weekly meeting channel. Music television seems to have had an unhappy marriage with failed soap operas, and its aborted offspring dominates several channels. I have seen many things that defy description, either that or my mind has willingly erased them for fear of my sanity.

Thankfully when surfing is mastered it is rewarding. The ninja fighting movie channel is worth a watch. So is the teenage girls screaming channel; if only because it prepares me for my unwitting displays of public stupidity. There are plenty of news channels, and where else could you watch a cooking show with no talking, just a romantic ballad soundtrack with a lady diner lying down to sleep at the end ( I hope). Japanese wrestling is far superior to its Western cousin and where we are staying it occupies channel one, simple for those panic button incidences.

Pleases do not think ill of me for exploring television. I am a fastidious researcher and will go to great lengths to bring you a compelling show read.