Nothing strikes fear in me more than a house move. Past house moves have induced the full wrath of Zeus and the elements. Torrential typhoons have battered my vehicle as I have crossed suburbs. I almost needed to fit a periscope during the house move of 2004. Famously I said “The next time I move will be overseas”

This proved to be largely true. Last year we threw/sold/donated/gifted and disassembled all manner of goods to get down to one car load of creature comforts. Upon returning to New Zealand our car load has somehow multiplied into two car loads. This was a shock and thankfully this happened now and not in approximately seven weeks when we leave.

I don’t believe in hoarding or hoarders. I believe in a more esoteric explanation. Quantum physics and the law of attraction dictates like attracts like. This is the only explaination which would account for….

-Numerous sauces, condiments and spices which could cover and flavour a whole football field
-A miss matched array of clothing some of it incredibly puzzling. (a top fit for a one year old?)
-Cables, power supplies, multi boards, adapters all delightfully entangled in a bird nest arrangement
-Hats, hats and more hats that you could shake a stick at which reminds me…
-I am the proud owner of a 2 metre long wizards staff
-A stringless kite
-Books and magazines seem to sprout out of bookcases and coffee tables
-Cleaning products are not happy by themselves
-Ditto for plastic bags

A puzzling weekend and one which reminds me why I do not like moving house. The best solution is not to have a house and be like a snail….