I like most people only really take notice of star signs when they leap off the page. Given that the Chinese new year has just rolled over I thought it would be appropriate to investigate eastern signs. The year of the OX appears to have themes of hard work and cautious celebrating. Not really things that appeal to a fire dragon but given my goals for the rest of the year they are probably apt.

We now have a date to work towards. The 10th of April will see us leaving New Zealand. We will spend a couple of days in Hong Kong before landing in Paris. Paris will need a couple of days to circumnavigate. Which reminds me I really should learn a few more words of French. We have it on good advice that “bonjour je suis de la Nouvelle-Zélande”(hello I am from New Zealand) is enough to placate most French natives. But ordering croisants and slowing hecklers would be useful as well.

Our next port of call is literally a port. Antibes sits nestled between Cannes and Nice and holds the most boat moorings in Europe. We have been graciously offered an apartment to share with a fabulous friend we made in Cambodia. More magical results from the liberal application of Beer Lao.

Antibes will require some studious studying. Originally a Roman settlement it has an aqueduct and associate roman amenites. It also has a Picasso museum and a naval museum dedicated to Napolean. There are also 48 beaches with in 25 kilometers which should also be investigated time permitting.

The next critical stage will be applying ourselves towards employment. Luckily Anna and I are in fabulous shape and sans loincloths would fetch a high price at any Roman slave market. As for our first super yacht. I will be happy with a modest one. Ideally we will end up on one which actually has sailing capabilities. People from New Zealand if you did not know are blessed with world class sailing abilities. We can literally sail before we walk, or so the rest of the world thinks.

Still one can not be choosy in the year of the OX. This one will do in a pinch. It has two submarines, two helicopters a launch and most importantly a basketball court for whilst the boss is away.

The inspiration for this post came from a couple of fans who were at my birthday celebrations. They literally could not wait for me to piss off overseas so I can continue distilling the world at large. I hope this placates them sufficiently.

Additional note: A fellow bloggerunited member has written a summary of Chinese sign highlights for the year here.