On the rare occasions when I have been unwittingly subjected to commercial radio they sometimes have fantastic jingles espousing two for Tuesday song duos. Having had a bit of a backlog I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about a fascinating project I have been working on and a possible career move once more people know of my ever increasing brilliance. This is my three for Tuesday entry.

A good friend of mine is launching a website and she kindly sought my tenure in writing product descriptions for it. Naturally I seized the opportunity and on Christmas eve a box full of assorted goodies arrived. Given the brief of eating, playing with, smelling and absorbing the contents. I busily launched into it. It has to be said writing product descriptions is a lot of fun. I could quite happily sit at the end of a slow moving conveyor belt and dispense with product descriptions all day long. I did have trouble writing about some of the more feminine products but I think I have done an amicable job.

I look forward to sharing with you the website when it launches. I still have a bunch of product descriptions to write but the conveyor belt went off the rails on the weekend. Such is life at the end of a conveyor belt.