Ask any fervent fantasy book fan of a guilty reading pleasure and it is probably reading the section of the book right before the heroes embark on a quest. Typically the party members are listed with gloriously decadent descriptions of clothing, accessories and weapons. I did actually pen something before our last trip but to be honest it was probably overly exhaustive in detailing and I had one other small problem.

We took far too much stuff.

A beginners mistake. I was probably lugging a couple of kilos of gadgets I did not use. Clothing was hideously over represented and my choice pieces were pilfered anyway.

Preparedly, I took some time out on the weekend to document my new revised inventory. We shall see how things pan out in a couple of months or so………

Items with a strike through are to be stored away and will not be making the trip this time.

I am still using my American/German pairing of portage devices

My wizards robe shall be on hand for castle photo opportunities.

One pair of jandals that have not made an attempt on my life yet.

One pair of sandals wtf was i thinking

Linen Thai fishing pants ditto

track pants seriously?

one raver t shirt with flashing lights omg dan you are really eccentric

Two pairs of shoes. One for walking. One for more social interactions.

3 singlets

2 T-shirts

2 pairs of shorts

1 pair of swimming togs

1 pair of jeans

1 belt

1 hoodie

1 sarong

1 Rain coat

Numerous pairs of socks and underwear some novelty, some serious

1 pair of sunglasses

1 pair of driving glasses

1 eee pc

1 portable hard drives

3 memory sticks

1 full sized mouse

1 toy cow

1 toy monkey

2 travel towels

1 toilet bag of toiletries

1 New Zealand writers handbook

Official papers, passports, loyalty cards and other miscellaneous items

There you have it. My entire catalog of things. Years in the future beings of light will pluck this entry out of the information energy ether and be astounded at how awesomely prepared I was.