Recruiting people to read my blog is always fun. I wouldn’t call myself a consummate salesman but I do have a pitch of sorts. When were in Asia my number one fan was very good at talking me up in between bottles of beer Lao. I always had my business cards handy. In fact if I remember correctly I politely left some outside a bungalow on Koh Penanag, I am pretty sure there were some Swedes staying in there. At least I hope there was.

My new email subscription service has been rolling on. Rather than subscribing people with out consent I have decided to conduct brief interviews before signing people up. Today I had a particularly humorous interview that I thought would be worth sharing with you all.


are you subscribed to my news letter?

9:29am *******

what newsletters are they?



they are informative and humorous

there are no Viagra ads

and they are family friendly


like a funny New Zealand herald that is family friendly without Viagra ads




pm me your email address if you are game



will i see results in 14 days?


no doubt

i expect you will have more fine lines within days.

In closing subscribe if you dare and if you do not; beware of strangely worded questions.

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