Today I take on the single most terrifying day of our trip so far.


But Dan, you have already driven scooters, fought off sea creatures and created new sports why are you scared? To understand my terror you must first learn more about me. At school cooking was a tedious affair, made light by my classmates and I adapting our carefully crafted chemistry skills and concocting salves that would seal wounds, remove hair and treat cold symptoms. Sadly they were far from edible.

As I have grown my cooking skills have mutated. Now I am a bit wiser my standard dish is taking meat, frozen veges, heating them and then adding two incompatible spices like chilli and wasabi. Whilst these dishes certainly tickle the taste buds they are still far from edible. My wife eats them with some grace. I think I have destroyed her palate.

So today we will journey to a farm, pick fresh ingredients and learn four dishes. Wish me(them) luck I may kill someone.