This one goes out to all of the trainspotters, it is time to waffle out some statistics.

We have been on the road for a total of 24 days

  • 11846.45 kilometers traveled
  • 1 Flight
  • 3 Over night train trips.
  • 1 Day train ride
  • 4 Ferry rides
  • 3 Tuk Tuk jaunts
  • 1 traditional taxi (hot pink)
  • 4 Less than traditional taxi rides(Ute with cover)
  • 4 VIP van trips(air conditioned vans)
  • 3 Scooter hires total of 5 days
  • 1 Quad bike hire(wish I had never had)
  • 6 Open water dives
  • 3 Cities
  • 3 Islands
  • 9 Books read.
  • 15 movies, tv episodes and documentaries watched (thanks Richard)
  • 1 New Zealander met. Kiwis really are shy!

We are consuming about 2.5 litres of water a day. I have beer a lot of drunk. I had decided to stop drinking the large bottles before we came up north and then found out that you can buy a large beer here for the price of a small one on the islands. To run salt in my numerous wounds. A bar here has all you can drink Heineken for about $4 on Saturday nights.

I can say hello and thank you in Thai with some authority. I think this is all you need as long as you remember to smile, bow and have a co-pilot to barter.

Today we are off to sit by a lake and celebrate our Kiwi friends birthday. This evening I will resist the Heineken bars impressive tractor beam. If it sucks me in I will let it in the name of science and Philip Bendall who has remonstrated me on the merits of more being always better.