Alas, I have been laid low with a tropical illness and have been unable to write or do much else. Like a fallen super hero I have moped around our temporary abode cursing and waving my fingers at flat objects. The words have not appeared. It was with mountainous relief last night that my wife uttered the heart warming words. “You must be getting better you are getting annoying again” So not a second too late I sit in front of my faithful EEE and will plot and recount our trip again.

I found some more evidence for the happiness that pervades Thai culture. Conversely I would not like to come across these at night time. The usually bland fashion mannequins are different. Imagine your local fashion precinct with mannequins like these.

Sweet dreams….

We are leaving the tranquility of Koh Tao today and will be heading through Bangkok on our way to Thailand’s second largest city Chiang Mai. There we have a diplomatic mission to complete with an expatriate New Zealander. We will then head north to the border of Laos and a spot of Elephant trekking. Through Laos into Vietnam will be our next jaunt. I hope you can hang around.