Time to expand on a twit….. or a gaggle of twits.

For the past 12 years I have lived predominantly on the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand. The north shore is blessed with an abundance of beaches, parks and Chinese takeaways. This is a lot like the rest of Auckland. For the past 3 or so years I have engaged with the early morning population through bipedal circular temporary migrations (walks) This typically means encountering felines and saying hello to other walkers.

Our new locale is blessed with a fantastic park which is certainly easy on the eye. Sadly the people are not very friendly/dumb or just plain rude. Current statistics would indicate a 50% response to our greetings and salutations. Being an optimist I thought some of them were wearing portable listening devices. Then I thought perhaps we had forgotten to put clothes on. Sadly neither of these were true.

Over the next seven weeks we will try to increase the amount of people in our area greeting each other. We will make it fashionable. It will be our legacy……