Are the basic fundamentals of physics. What goes up, must go to work on Monday. Thankfully Monday was a public holiday here. Tuesday was terrific. Wednesday is proving to be challenging. A strange silence has enveloped the office. If I am not mistaken a zombie virus is spreading through our gleaming halls and infecting the workforce.

Do you have a zombie plan?

Every male I know enjoys watching zombie movies. They are hugely educational. They help men to create strategies for the eventual outbreak which will bring down civilization. Every well prepared zombie battler has a blunt instrument at hand. Looking around me there is a sturdy looking coat stand and several flammable aerosol cans which would be handy. Being in charge of security cards would allow me to seal off the immediate floors. Leaving the building would pose its own problems. I could possibly throw a couch down three floors and use it to break my fall. From there I could possibly make a dash for the sea and commandeer a water taxi.

Sounds like hard work? You can never be vigilant enough when thinking about zombies.