It turns out oral surgery is not the best base for blogging. Plenty of blood and tears but the sweat escapes me. I have been enjoying peaceful time in my temporary super accomodation. I did make a couple of supplementary excursions that were not treatment related. The abundance of time distorting commercial enterprises with attached hotels reminds me a bit of Ibiza.

There is a lot going on in Bangkok. It is funny, after so many years of traipsing around the globe I do not find it that overwhelming now. I have even found the winter weather more desirable to what we were experiencing in Italy. People are not really taking photos of random commercial artifices, that did not stop me.

This really caught my eye.

Then you get in a car and see the other more real enterprises.

It is going to be a bit of an adjustment being back in New Zealand but I think I will manage. It will be nice to get into a home routine again. I have plenty of ideas to fashion into content. More jaunts to consider. If the TGDT has taught me anything it is nice to have a real person to share experiences with.

I flew Etihad to Bangkok. Having not flown Etihad before I was most impressed. I paid a nominal fee to blank out the seat next to me for the first leg. The service was on point. I especially enjoyed the flight attendants roaming routinely chanting instructions. Put your seat up, and the row numbers to board were some of my favourites.

I drifted in and out of consciousness having previously decided a deeper sleep for the second leg was preferable. I was soon marvelling at the galactic space station terminus that is Abu Dhabi international.

I slept a bit too heavily on the way to Bangkok. Loosing my right ear bud twice. The first time it was rescued by the French lady beside me. The second time I had to wait for everyone to get out of my aisle before I found it. Pro tip. The seat covers are attached with simple poppers, just like boats.

Stereo sound regained, my driver collected me and I checked into my stupendous accommodation for my time in Bangkok. The complex was opened last year.

View from balcony.

The toilet has an ingenious electronic bidet.

Clearly I have jumped into the future. Somehow I managed to wake up very early this morning. Also making me think I have inadvertantly time jumped.

I went to the gym.

After a delicious buffet breakfast I went for a walk.

Street loses a few marks for poor cable management

Silvi and I did a synched watch for HOTD.

There is a fierce amount of room service.

I have managed to spend some time in and beside the pool.

I am now off for the first of my appointments of the week.