I am currently thumbing this from a supermarket car park. An exceptional busker is delighting a precious few who stop to scan covid QR codes. I am in a car. I am not quite homeless but I have had to make a tactical retreat to my old home.

This was not a course I plotted but it makes up for it in potential tinderboxes of combustible prose. One of my fans felt the limbo from my last dispatch. The limbo is real.

Living as I have during covid. I have learned a few things about myself.

  • I can live in a small space.
  • I do like a pool.
  • I need my gadgets to be connected.
  • I need a workshop

That is an eclectic list and mayhap you can see why I have not found something suitable yet. After a month of looking, I feel I may need to build something.

So I find myself rebooting my origin story in a scene of many crimes. Time has healed albeit I now feel anaesthetised from many things which would have previously exacerbated my heckles.

After a lifetime of holding things in, I find myself self muzzling to keep a paradoxical peace.

Welcome to my ironic limbo.