Rest assured the headline is somewhat less sinister than what I had planned. Tragedy, Fear & Pain had all crossed my very boozed and mischievous mind. We had been liberally applying alcohol on the plane as a great way to practice and expand our rudimentary Thai vocabulary with the friendly staff of Thai Airways.

It was not until about three hours into our trip we noticed we had a stow away.


The boosted bovine from the headline is the very aptly named Cow. Cow has been in the family for over five years and is now travelling South East Asia with us. She has left us before to travel Europe by this stowaway method.

A soft toy with a personality that goes travelling with you is one of the best things you can have in your luggage. I will write a more thorough article on the importance of soft toys in the 21st century soon.

Trip wise we had a very enjoyable flight to Bangkok. No Xray scanning at Bangkok. We even carried cow openly through the airport. Our transfer was in the most incredible van we have ever been in. Think a full leather lounge suite on wheels with air conditioning.

Bangkok is a busy place and there seems to be a lot on for no apparent reason. Our flash packing hotel is very nice. I will take some photos of things later when it gets lighter. Still 5am here.

Not much more to report. We are safe and sound and will be heading out to explore soon, Anna has informed me this morning that she is going to reincarnate her soapbox t to blog from. Look out Woman & Men.

Eleven am now. Spent a couple of hours visiting places with tuk tuk driver. Top chap. A few photos already I will put them in picasa.