Let it be known I am quite taken with the chairs at my place of work. I could be viewing things through a post employment haze or they could in fact be quite special. I will let you decide.

The seats are finished in a sumptuous black waffle fabric. Gleaming chrome adjustment hinges are found in handy spots. They even have retractable instructions for people who might have trouble with security cards. The more functional aspects of the chairs are coated in a matt grey. I particularly like the mesh back rest. It reminds me of my pack. They are also incredibly comfortable to rest upon. Deceptively strong and agile I can push one easily across the room loaded with a computer monitor.

I have included some photos of the chairs that dot my work for your visual stimulation. In the background you might notice a shot of my pack because I love it so.

check it out

I need instructions

Here they are

I do believe I have reached a new level of blogging.

I am thinking of renaming my blog a Mish Mash of Mundane Impedimenta. What do you think?