Travelfish correctly labels Hoi An a delightful tourist trap of Disneyland proportions. It is incredibly picturesque, full of restaurants, tailors, bag and shoe makers. However it is the little things that stand out for me.

Hoi An by night

The local rubbish truck does its beat playing an ice cream truck like tune. Not what you would expect and I can’t help thinking all city services could be improved with musical accompaniment .

As dusk falls, street vendors begin to pepper the restaurants and roads with a sortie of goods and services.

a real little drummer boy

Hoi An and Vietnam has fantastic food. Most restaurants have huge menus. I counted one with over 30 pages. Several of them have grass growing on the table instead of floral arrangements. That is right, standard, lawn variety grass.


I think I should be taking more photos of the food here. It makes a welcome change from landscapes and buildings.

Grilled chicken breast with garlic and sesame seeds cooked in banana leaf.

We hired a scooter yesterday and were afflicted with a new annoyance. Drive by tourism information. Wearing a backpack flags y0u as needing help it appears. After going through the talking while scootering motions a few times we thought it may be better to pretend not to know english. I did get to try my Russian accent though so all is not lost. Not many Vietnamese know Russian it appears.