I knew this was going to be odd but not this odd. I have used the internet for a range of uses over the past ten plus years. Now I am unplugged, alive and it is decidedly strange. Perhaps it is wise to reintroduce you the reader to some of my most common catch cries.

“Sigh” when I read of someone posting about being bored on the internet. Impossible when you have at least one brain cell and one finger.

“Just google it” when I do not know the answer to a question and would have just googled it myself.

“Someone will have asked that question before” usually used in conjunction with just google it.

Then there are my haunts, my morning coffee. My daily routine of cyclical joy. An endless treadmill of opinion, statistics and emotion. E3 is happening right now. Peoples relationship statuses are changing right now on facebook. People are waiting to be badgered and harangued on instant messaging programs right now and I am not there.

What a strange state of affairs. I feel as though the internet is not working properly without me there.to spice things up. I actually miss reading my spam email messages.

Perhaps it is for the best. I notice with some interest that global oil prices have dropped $15 US dollars in the last two days. All of the worlds major stock markets are up with the DOW showing triple digit growth. What a marvelous sacrifice I have made to cure economic woes. Now if only someone could teach me how to ask for banana pancakes in Thai.