Riding the concrete snake south over the formidable mountain range of Laos was a marvelous experience. Our driver was quite the singer and intermingled his enthusiastic tooting with a full range of song although his female renditions were a bit lacking.

The van had a current registration but also a curious lack of seat belts. This was not a concern as we rarely went over 50 kilometers an hour. At one point I was counting the winding road signs, I soon gave up after 30.

Laos is a country of misty mountains. Driving up through cloud cover prolongs the sensation you might have tasted whilst being in a plane.On our descent from the mountain range I spotted a fantastic mountain. I could imagine a city of dwarves or some other subterranean race living under this beauty.

It was on our final leg to Vang Vieng we happened upon a group less fortunate than us. A reminder to wear your seat belts if you have any.

Vang Vieng the town is a tad disappointing after the wondrous architecture of Luang Prabang. Travel fish does recommend walking 1km in any direction from the centre of town to get over this. The scenery is amazing. Limestone cliffs, jungle and rushing rivers. I think we will be here for a few days.