Not content with day dreaming about the Mediterranean I have started pondering circumnavigating the Caribbean. I spent an awful amount of my childhood playing a game called Pirates. Solidly based on the golden age of piracy Pirates is a fantastic game which includes dancing, sword fighting, ship battles and siege mini games.

Opportunities for fencing and piracy will probably be limited but it hasn’t stopped me from re charting my ideal route through the Caribbean. The red line is my optimum piracy route. It allows swooping on multiple colonies and intercepting the Spanish gold fleet and the silver train on the northern face of South America.

Florida offers a good starting and finishing point. St Kitts and Nevis were always good for a plunder. Cuba has always been an interest for me and I expect no self respecting super yacht owner would miss the Cayman Islands.

Cartography graffiti is fun. I think I am becoming a fan.