If there has been a constant during the last month it has been the unwavering dogness of our Dog Ruby. She has developed quite a knack for dog modeling. Channeling a variety of poses and very rarely being camera shy. There was a time when she would not sit still but time observing me meditating has given her new abilities.

Such a clever dog.
I thought it was about high time I wrote about being at home. This is the first time I have been at home in a colder part of the year since 2009. I am still not a fan of the cold although it has been nice to have an excuse to pursue the finer things in life like reading, red wine and wearing scarfs. Rotation affords running parallel lives but it still takes some adjusting at each end.

The biggest change this time as been the newest family member. My Wife’s dog Ruby. Ruby is a 3/8s Pug and 5/8’s Brussels Griffin. Or Bug. She is a charming sort, prone to enthusiastic sleeping, sporadic fits of biting and over the top cuteness.
If I look back at my photos of being at home for the past month or so they are largely of Ruby in her three moods.
She is very fond of sleeping. She uses it as a time travelling mechanism for when she is in captivity or travelling by car. She does not like being patted or interrupted when she is asleep. How many times have you wanted to bite someone when they have woken you up?

Speaking of biting Ruby is prone to a zombie like affliction that usually kicks in just before she has to sleep. During this mood swing she will gently bite anything that comes near her face. There is also a lot of snarling and she has been known to run around in circles.

You get the idea.
Thankfully when she is not biting or sleeping she is very cute and mostly well mannered. 

She enjoys the sunshine on a bathrobe.

She especially enjoys eating the drawstrings from hoodies

And she does have a couple of different outfits to wear.
Having a dog has taught us a few new tricks. I will be happy if we have children that are as well behaved as Ruby. Minus the biting.