As alluded to earlier I have experimented with a wide variety self improvement reagents and disciplines during my time on earth. But one of the most effective and easiest to forget lessons is.

Things that are written down happen.

This is the closest thing to magic I know. It is simple but its simplicity belies the fact that most people do not have the time to write down what they want to have happen. And if they did have the time, they would not know what to write.

Swirling around in the cauldron of my mind. A right royal carnival of colossall calamity has sat silently waiting for me to take the time to write down what I wish to happen.

Consider this blog the moment I uncorked the genie bottle. Broke pandoras box. Lay it all on the table. To quote the erstwhile George Clinton from the 1990 Period piece House Party

“I did it, two tears in a bucket, fuck it, lets take it to the stage”

To juxtapose the planning from rocketry and my writing. I shall lay out the future in a series of stages

Stage One

Store important Artifacts

It is hard to know where I will be in a years time. But even superman has a retreat where his best treasures are kept safe from prying eyes.

Celebrate Friendships

I love all of my wonderful and varied friendships. I do not have the time to see everyone in the capacity that I would like but it will be nice to celebrate them all in one place before we blast off

Leave things in order

Loose ends will be tied. Affairs taken care of. Discombobulations ceased. Maybe a small ceremonial burning of choice chaff

Stage Two

Leave New Zealand

This is where things get a bit loose. Imagine if you will a snowball rolling in multiple directions at once. Getting larger and larger. Traveling at differing speeds, pausing to contemplate and maybe to add to this very blog entry.

Every continent must be accounted for.

But if we must be specific


Should keep me on my feet for a few months

Stage 3

Write every day.

It is easy to write at the moment. This is because the sun via Gemini is washing over my cranium with thoughtful Gemini like impulses. But writing is a discipline and with some gumption I will develop my writing muscles so I can write like this in my sleep or upside down in a pinch.

Rewrite when I can not write

When my neural strata is spent I shall rewrite past writing with the ferocity of an antagonised ant eater.

Do some good in the world

The world needs a bit of help. I would like to help it. I do not know what I will do but I will do it.

Stage 4

If I get to stage 4 and I have not found a way to help the world through writing and traveling. I will probably need to find employment so I can do some more traveling. I will find a job that both interests me and allows me to work on stage 3.

And that is that. Why did I not write this earlier? Probably because I wasn’t ready too and therein lies my trick.