Past readers may remember me complaining about the futile exercise that Running is. Having been a while I thought it would be prudent to resurrect this favourite topic of mine. For the past two months I have been engaged in a regular running. I get up before Sunrise, don armour and stagger, stumble and canter in the great out doors. Most of my running is intermingled with walking and cursing. I really detest running. My body protests and my mind rapidly starts thinking up excuses as to why I should slow down and walk.

Avid runners talk about a runners high. An endorphin filled nirvana which is there for the taking. My experiments have found no evidence of a runners high. The only thing I have found slightly resembling a high is when I stop stop running and I get a small flush as the blood leaves my legs to circulate through the rest of my body. I think that I am actually a highly evolved specimen. Future evolution of the human race will leave running left behind. We will float above the earth or maybe slide gracefully like ice skaters.

On a happier note. I did see something this morning which filled my pumping heart with joy. A beautiful sunrise which I was more than happy to stop running for and take a photo.

When I got back to the boat, I turned around and there was a radiant rainbow. Highs all around and not a runner in sight.