We have officially entered the home stretch in the run up to lift off. It is actually quite crazy how quickly your calender can fill up when you have an empty one. Well in my case the wifes diary looked quite busy. My calender was quite empty, then I took pity upon myself and transplanted her diary into mine. This served a useful purpose, it made me feel busy so I made better use of my spare time. Hence my blog post.

It’s amazing how perceived task shuffling can lead to productivity gains. I could have been a bureaucrat of world renown. Instead I am a writer using the internet to reach an audience. I cannot fathom what it would be like to be writing without the internet and a computer.

I have handwriting with an incredibly high encryption algorithm which renders it unreadable literally as soon as it hits the paper. Couple this with my astounding organisational skills and I could have lost several novels already or have driven myself mad multiple times trying to compile my first chapter.

However, given that Tibetan monasteries and archaic ruins are not the first place that spring to mind when you think of internet access, I have been practicing making notes. I have also been typing posts disconnected from the internet. This is high altitude training for when we become less than well connected.

Which reminds me, take a look at this eee-pc user who pulled out his eee to copy some photos at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Such a neat picture.

The kind words keep trickling in. It is amazing how far a little encouragement can push one. Special shout out to one of my favourite columists; Mr SD. Back before the internet, SD was no doubt etching his mark across caves and learning establishments in the heartland of New Zealand. His current writing habitat is here.

Since this post has been a missed mash of not much, I suppose I could let you in on some of the projects that are on the way or are bouncing around in my cranium.

I am currently writing about my favourite female mind. Consider it a written admiration piece. I hope to send it to her this weekend. I hope that it gives her a laugh and I do not get a court order.

Books I would like to write
How to write your own self book

The problem with most self help books is that they are largely the sum of the authors own experiences. They prey on peoples weaknesses; in my experience the actual writing of such a book would be where the largest benefits came from.

Therefore – single handedly, actually perhaps two handedly – I will write a book which will help you to write your own self help book. In one swift movement I will destroy an industry and help a lot of people at the same time.

Further books in this series will include

How to be your own lawyer
How to be your own Real Estate Agent
How to be your own New Age Guru.

Please excuse me whilst I remove my tongue from my cheek.

Dans book of realised but not actually tested and possibly structurally unsound inventions.

I pride myself on thinking up a lot of excellent solutions to problems that both exist and do not exist. The problem is by the time I actually get around to investigating the practicalities of my invention I have thought of a new invention. However in true Dan fashion I have thought of a way to get some mileage out of my thoughts.

With my book of inventions I will help all of those inventors out there that suffer from inventors block. My inventions will be free to use and will not require any licensing or similar agreements. It must be duly noted that I will not be held responsible for any deaths, damage or rips in the space time continuum as result of anything contained in my book.

Being an environmentally conscious traveler.

We watched an inconvenient truth about a week ago. It was a nice but somewhat scary movie. Since getting my EEE-PC I have felt like I am doing my part using a low powered computer. There is also quite a few things we can do whilst traveling and I hope to share these with everyone.

That is it for now. I am off to do some people watching. After some watching I will write, people will watch my words. The circle of life will be complete.

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