Living out of a couple of bags for an extended period of time has given me an unique perspective on the traveling human condition. When seeking a new temporary habitat a new set of priorities have been learned and they shall probably remain with me for the rest of my earthbound days.


Being the mule in our snail pod I carry the burden of transporting bags to and from our room. The grade and amount of stairs are always treated with trepidation. Vietnam in particular has incredibly steep stairwells. Elevators are a treat when they are found. The ground floor is nice but you do have to put up with more noise at night time. My next point is somewhat related.


It behooves me to say that shoddy footwear can make for interesting stairs and stares especially when carrying a 20 kilo pack. Wearing running shoes is best but it is much harder to slip in and out of them. My jandals have been woeful companions causing numerous slips and slides. Thankfully I have not been mortally injured thus far (touching wood)

Food & Drink

A clever snail always watches alcoholic drink intake the night before moving locations. Snails become positively sluggish if they are not perfectly hydrated. Snails are also less prone to rash decisions if they have been fed prior to seeking lodging.

Shell Watching

There are some perks to being the mule snail. When important decisions are being made, offer to watch your shells (luggage). If you are feeling devilish incorporate some drinking. If you are feeling peckish, have something to eat.


Last but not in the least is the prized internet connection. A brilliant snail will scope out free wireless internet whilst eating, drinking and waiting for a room to be found. Where did I put the bags again?