An extended period of traveling has transformed me into a keen walker. This morning was a particularly incredible morning for wandering the suburbs of Auckland. I suspect the luxury of not working makes walking more enjoyable otherwise there would be more people traipsing the streets. Still I hope we can keep up our morning walks. If anything else it is nice to feel like a pseudo tourist carrying a camera and pausing every five minutes to take a photo.

Timaru is a nice spot for a morning walk to be honest. Whilst it loses points for a lack of volcanoes it does have a charm of its own.

It also has a statue of Robbie Burns. Robbie Burns shares my birthday and has an impressive proliferation of statues throughout the western world. An admirable and talented rogue.

Tourism New Zealand and the new minister of tourism John Key please take notice of the surge of incoming tourism numbers following this blog entry. Whilst I do not feel like I should have to do the prime minister’s job. I have experience at being the top dog and will always pitch in when there is some bullshit to be said.