Last night; Barack Obama was interviewing me. A nice chap and perfectly eloquent in my head. His appearance rallied my thoughts for a campaign that I am sure you will all support.

For years now Canadians and Kiwis have had the challenge of being miss branded as Americans and Australians by virtue of our accents. A small and slight one which up until now has had no solution. I had a dream and a solution.

The next time you feel the need to guess a persons place of origin by the way they speak. Choose the more subtle country. The benefits are numerous and astounding.

Americans and Australians love a joke as much as anyone.
-Help to readdress a historical miss balance
-Whilst traveling, befriending stray Kiwis and Canadians is very beneficial
-Some Americans and Australians are country embarrassed and would love to be mistaken for their quieter cousins. Americans in particular love to be mistaken for Canadians. I would wager it is the single best thing you can do for them that doesn’t include guns, red meat or petrol.

This theory can be applied to sections of the UK without difficulty. Unfortunately I can not speak for other parts of the world. If people can report in with findings it would be great.