A curious side effect of commuting this time of year is an increased feeling of youth. Let me explain.

The increasingly cooler climate has made slipping a hoodie over my business attire mandatory. Hoodies are marvellous devices and I fondly associate them with younger days traveling to school. Which takes me to my next point.

Public transport is densely populated with school aged people not yet in the middle of winters grind. If you take the time to listen you can hear tomorrows leaders pontificate on all manner of topics which are rarely very serious.

Slightly higher on the scale of scholars are the tertiary students who heft fantastically boring looking tomes. It pains me to see people reading books on statistical probabilities. It hurts not to laugh.

There is something to be said for taking your lunch to work with you as well. It is both reassuring and satisfying to know if my bus was to be swallowed by a trans dimensional wormhole I would have food to last me a while. This is surely a thought process I ruminated upon earlier in my life.

On a slightly more somber note; on this very bus ride I feel positively decrepit such are the ruddy faces which surround me in the aisles. Gladly I retain my seat safe in the knowledge that I am in fact an old person who people give up seats for. Age is truly relative.