If you ever want to spot a writer in a crowded room; peer into the corners. Look for people listening. They might even be sitting by themselves. This is how I was last Thursday when I attended a pre wedding drinks for a couple of friends.

I turned up early, as is my style. I promptly ordered a gin and tonic and sat down by myself to soak up the atmosphere. The venue was the curiously named supper club. They do serve food but the bar is oddly shaped and it is hardly a club.

After carefully adjusting my antennae I began to listen in on the surrounding conversations. A very bedraggled lanky fellow acted as a foolcrum (so so clever) for the closest table. He had a funny tale of how he disappeared from the previous nights stag festivities.

He had got hungry and had decided to go to a 24 hour super market in a more than inebriated state. After traipsing the aisles for a length of time he hit a snag.

They did not have vegetarian pizzas!!!!!

Being a demanding and assertive man he had promptly decided to start asking some hard questions of the staff.

“Why are there no vegetarian pizzas?”

He received a range of carefully worded answers but no one could answer his one question. After a passage of time he was escalated to a manager. Then onto a security guard and then a taxi ride home. What a noble and dashing tale. Escorted out of a super market for demanding a vegetarian pizza.

He did have to pay the taxi fare.