I start my journey back to New Zealand in nine days.

The global pandemic which ebbs and flows has altered my natural work rhythm. Given we isolate when returning to work and some of us isolate when we return home. 8-week swings have become 12 weeks. An ex-colleague and old friend Sam labelled an Engineers capacity to solve problems as a f**k tank. Over 8 weeks the f**k tank gradually empties. To fill a f**k tank an Engineer must have time off or go home. 

My current work has been almost unreasonably busy. I have noticed a lot of my colleagues have had injuries, made uncharacteristic mistakes, been sick or emotional. A thick topical malaise permeates communal areas. I have counteracted this by keeping odder hours and minding my own business.  Luckily I shall be able to retreat to New Zealand shortly.

I do have a slight bother. The very same pandemic has caused my living arrangements to be changing in the near future. I really have not given this much thought at all. I know I will have two weeks to come up with a plan of sorts.

My eccentric retirement plan was to erect a tower to live in. A Wizards tower. With the automation of lighthouses and a dearth of modern siege warfare, the uncommon tower has become as scarce as the wearing of capes. Something I would like to rectify.

I am not sure I am quite ready to live in a tower just yet but l have written it down. We will see.

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