At some juncture in my evolution, I became a heavy packer. I accumulate stuff without much effort. A perpetual snowball adding more layers as I march along this thing called life. Version 44 of the Daniel McConnell experiment should know better, but here I am 10 days before I leave Mexico beginning a pre-pack.

A pre-pack is packing away everything I will not need in the next while. For reasons that escape me, I brought A LOT of clothes with me. Actually, I know why I brought a lot of clothes with me. Dressing differently each day in Quarantine helps to alleviate the feeling of entrapment. But my work life is largely uniform and some exercise gear. Quite why I brought 4 pairs of shoes is another question. I have been on land fleetingly and I did not feel wrongly hooved. 

When one becomes ridiculously wealthy one has people to pack and unpack luggage. Each clothing item is steam ironed and hung. Accessories all find places and toiletries are organised. It’s quite a process and as alluring as this sounds, I would find it very odd. I like most, find it strange to have someone take my suitcases at a hotel. Having someone pack and unpack for me would be embarrassing. 

My packing manifest reads a little like this.

Laptop bag. Laptop. Travel adapters. Mouse. Passport and documents

Carry on suitcase. DJ Mixers. Keyboard. Sampler. Headphones. Small Laser. Microphone. Webcam. Cables galore.

Large Suitcase. Clothes. Tools. Hats. Books. Torch. Sunglasses

Duffel bag. Large laser. Swiss ball. Yoga matt. Toiletries. Defuser. Essential Oils. Speaker. 4x Pairs of Shoes. Soft Toy Dog (spot).

To the untrained eye, this all appears absurd. 

Clearly, I am ready for the unknown and it is a heavy business.

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