I have had a few thoughts percolating since last Wednesday when I had the spontaneous cessation of my work-related duties and contract unfold about 4 hours before I was due to disembark. Typically in times past, when something awkward has happened I have let the thoughts and feelings bubble away until I have the right words to explain. Certainly, it was unexpected, and the explanation given did not reconcile with actions or relationships.

Anyway, it was a fraught few hours as I packed up my things and said a couple of goodbyes to the few people that knew. Boats are the oddest of workplaces. They are a fully operational functionally dysfunctional family. A strange sense of relief enveloped me as I said goodbye to my cabin and office. I realised this shock was actually quite a blessing. My only regret per se is that I didn’t get to say goodbye personally in a manner that respects my ex=colleagues.

This year has been a good one for me. I have been able to rededicate myself to a few practices that I lost in the mire of child-rearing and related confusions. Challenges and unexpected change are really just opportunities disguised. 

COVID has changed yachting, I could count on one hand the times I have been on land in the last 3 months. Vaccines may change this but for the foreseeable, I will still be spending months of my year isolating which is where I am now. 

My ever-evolving strategy for isolation suffered a bit of a setback this week when I became ill enough to complain to everyone I communicated with.

Man flu.

I do not think I have corona the symptoms are not consistent, but I have been dealt a bit of an odd hand.

I arrived at my hotel on Monday and was tested in the evening. I did not receive the results for this test before I fell ill. Was tested again yesterday, and will be tested again today. But until I get an all-clear I am hotel room bound.

This in itself is not an issue, I have a lot of important things I need to accomplish including the trivial factor of deciding what I want to do for a job.

If I have learned anything in my time in this form I can have most things if I set my mind to it. But what do I want? that is the question. I have had some cursory glances at more traditional land-based jobs but given my unique talents and lack of formal qualifications, I would really have to approach a company and tell them to make a job for me. Is that arrogant? Probably, but it’s also honest.

I shall spend the next 10 days thinking about this and other matters. You as always will be the first to know.

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