Right. We fly back to New Zealand tonight. I have a list of demands for the good country of New Zealand to make my stay as enjoyable as my journeys through South East Asia.

-25-30 degree heat
-Sun that does not cause radiation sickness
-$10 hotels & guest houses
-Happy hours that last all day
-More monks
-More incense
-Countdown timers at traffic lights
-The immediate replacement of all Holden and Ford cars with scooters
-More repetition in language. Why say it once when you can say it twice? Same Same, Cheap Cheap, Slow Slow, Sweet Sweet.
-More jumbled up language
-More smiles
-The broadcasting of all local news in a language that I can not understand

That should do it for a couple of months. I will revise my demands after some time on the ground and my head out of the clouds.