Nothing like a bit of lightning, striking twice to slow one down. Largely self inflicted pain has relegated me to tenderly regurgitating parts of life in Chiang Mai much like the past 48 hours.

I have learned more about my latest love, the Chiang Mai moat. It is the principal venue of an epic three day water fight each year. Songkran celebrates the Zodiac new year and what a better way to celebrate something than an epic water fight.

First of moat scooter run during festival

Speaking of festivals, today is Thailand mothers day. Thailand has a very healthy amount of holidays and religious festivals. It is worth learning about them before you visit as they can be used to transmogrify travel arrangements by less than scrupulous travel agents.

Last week we spent 2-3 hours visiting the craft precinct of Chiang Mai. We learned about silk, Kashmir, silver, jewelery, resin pottery and umbrella making. It is incredible the time and skill that is put into the smallest of items. Nearly impossible to just browse but a pro tip for the budget conscious traveler say you have sold your house and have no home to return to.

More about the Chiang Mai moat. If you need something worth betting about in Chiang Mai, a jump in the moat de rigeur. Just make sure you are not betting on the All Blacks in a world cup quarter final; apparently.

This Friday we will cross the border into Laos and will be doing a cruise down the river into a very different part of the world. Exciting times.

Thanks to all of the supportive words and comments about my fashion sense.

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