This entry is a ready reminder that I do answer requests. Ask and yea shall read.

This is an easy task if you use the right tools. Please note all of this information is for PC users only. I sold my mac before I started traveling but will welcome the donation of any Apple hardware. Ps Hi Steve Jobs.

Ok; so the premise is you have a DVD and wish to put some or all of it online for people to look at. You will need the following software.

DVD Decrypter



Install DVD Decrypter. Pop your DVD in your DVD drive. Run DVD decrypter and click the green arrow button down the bottom.

DVD decrypter will copy the contents of your DVD to a directory on your c:

Once complete DVD decrypter will make a horrible tinkle noise. Do not be alarmed.

Now install and run VLC. VLC will let us look at those VOB files and find out which ones we want to convert into an online video. You can just drag and drop the VOB files onto VLC to play them. Some of them will be DVD menus, extras ect. Generally the largest single file will be the main movie of a dvd. Make a note of the file name you want to convert.

Next open up super.

Do the following.

Drag your vob file onto super.
Choose mov or avi in the output container box.
Click encode active files

After super is finished you should have a new file which you can upload online.

I had a very spotty internet connection and used Google video. Google video allows files over 100 megabytes in size if you use the google video uploader. It also allows resumed uploads and uploading multiple files at once.

Easy 🙂

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