Being a fan of all things healthy I have to say my current exercise regime is a very painful one. During the last week of December my trainer and I worked on a new program together. The goal was to start this year with a new set of activities for me to follow over the next month.

Invariably doing new exercises means you are straining muscles in new exotic ways. These new pressures mean the typical gym goer will feel all sorts of pain in the days directly following a bout of exercise. Unfortunately for me an exceedingly libatious New Years meant I was carrying injuries into this first week of redemption.

Let me describe my week so far and the accompanying pains
Monday: 50 minute brisk walk. (So far so good)
Tuesday: 50 minutes of weight training chest and triceps. (Ooo that might hurt tomorrow)
Wednesday: 50 minutes of weight training. Legs and shoulders. (Now I am having problems walking and getting up from a chair)

I am also unable to gesticulate in a comfortable manner befitting of a part time wizard. Last night after five or so earth shatteringly painful dismounts from our television viewing apparatus (couch) it suddenly dawned upon me. I am suffering for everyone that doesn’t exercise. What a noble service I do for you all. The next time you are doing nothing think of me who can’t even do anything without being in pain.

I have added a twitter plugin to the side because I can. Now you can read all sorts of day to day stuff about me and learn that I am human just like you. WITH SUPER POWERS!

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  1. Nez
    Nez says:

    Human WITH super powers, wow! That’s like NotSuperHuman? This ‘Twitter’ concept really scares me. I vote you remove it immediately and I don’t even know what it is.


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