I had the weirdest experience on Monday morning. I left my iPhone and in turn music at home. I also left my significant other travelling companion at home. I also left my wife at home. The bus was deathly quiet. It was quiet to the point of a vacuum and twice as scary. It was as if the life given by two weeks of holiday had been wrenched from our dying carcasses and our zombies were left to work in the city.

This galvanised my rigidly travel addicted frame and I promptly made arrangements for appropriate super yacht accreditation. Today I informed my wonderful work of my intention to sail the silver seas. They took this information gracefully knowing my radiance has only danced through them like a comet or similar celestial body only with a good sun tan.

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  1. El Draco
    El Draco says:

    No self respecting super yacht would not have the internet. Internet cafes cost ridiculous amounts in europe so it will be wifi stealing and bulk updates until I find the right boat to work on 😀


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