I had a spontaneous brain wave yesterday whilst I was waiting to meet some long lost friends in Livorno. When you are in a foreign country arranging meetings can be troublesome, land marks can be vague, road signs can be miss leading, friendly locals might have ulterior motives.

That is why I suggest always meet at the local McDonalds!

For those of you who can stomach reading on. Please enjoy my shrewd logic.

McDonald’s are everywhere.
McDonald’s are better signposted than everything else
McDonald’s have free wifi for you to use while you wait
Enjoy using a McDonalds’s and never eat a crumb

This travel tip was proudly brought to you by McDonalds and Nick & Jaqui

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  1. Nez
    Nez says:

    That's actually brilliant. "You know on the corner of X and Y" *blank stare*. "Near where the ANZ Bank used to be but now has a jewellery store next to it?" *blank stare*. "About 50 metres down from the McDonalds?"

    "OH THERE?!!!"


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