Do you remember that project I have been working on? Well it is launch week so I can finally let the cat out of the box….

Here is a blurb I wrote about Mischief Boxes.

When is a box not a box? When it is a Mischief Box!

Mischief Boxes are made for action. You decide what goes into them. Mix, match and send. Open them up and watch history unfold. Choose from an ever expanding library of assorted mischief ingredients. Each box is designed to make an impact from the moment it enters a room. A good time guaranteed.

How to order a Mischief Box

  • Choose your items

  • Choose your delivery method

  • Wait for your Mischief Box to arrive

Mischief Boxes are a uniquely fresh way to celebrate any number of things….

  • Romance

  • Birthdays

  • Hens Nights

  • Anniversaries

  • Weddings

  • Raves (doof doof)

  • General Monkey Business

  • Heartache

  • and more

Our website exists to help you plan, promote and facilitate all manner of mischief. We will help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be…….

If you look at the website and investigate the range of products I have written a fair swag of the descriptions. On Christmas eve I had a box of goodies arrive. I also completed another one over the weekend. This has been a fantastic project to be a part of and I am very grateful to Claire for the opportunity.

So take the time to visit the website and have a look. Share it with your friends. There is a mischief box for any situation.

Also enter the launch competition for the chance to win $1000 dollars of store credit.

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