A week in I think I am a fan of Twitter. It seems largely harmless and I am getting more people reading my blog. It is easy to update your twitter from a phone or any internet capable device. It also teaches good writing habits. I am not sure if you have noticed but I tend to write exorbitantly long sentences from time to time and twitter encourages brevity out of necessity.

I do have a couple of tips to share for people that are interested in using Twitter.

1- Write a good bio. My bio needs some work and I think I will rewrite it so people can find me by searching a bit easier. When was the last time you searched for “Interesting, Irreverent, Indescribable but I try anyway”? I thought so.

2- If you are using facebook. Follow this mans guide. It will sync your tweets and facebook status updates.

3- Incorporate Twitter into your conversations. I think Twitter will hit critical mass this year. Become a part of the avalanche.

4- Don’t follow people who announce SEO, Internet Genius and stamp collecting as interests.

5- Add Barack Obama. He will add you back automatically. Sweet.

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