A friend emailed me wondering what had been happening for the last couple of months. To be perfectly honest I have not been enjoying this part of the world greatly. I have plenty of uncharitable words to write about here. Perhaps it would be enlightening to write what I miss instead of writing what I do not like.

  • I miss walking off my gangway and being somewhere hospitable
  • I miss grass and trees
  • I miss seeing skin
  • I miss seeing faces for that matter
  • I miss people obeying traffic laws
  • I miss sub 30 degree temperatures
  • I miss meeting other crews from boats
  • I miss hearing languages that I sort of understand
  • I miss freedom, you don’t realise what you have until it is taken away

On a slightly more positive note we should be leaving here at the end of September. I am booked in for a course in November in England and will be trying my best to schedule a few days in London to see a few people.

I have also requested a months holiday at Christmas and I will drown and douse myself in all those things I miss.


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