I do not drink Coke usually but during charters I become a fully fledged coke addict. In the interests of Science I shall be tallying how many cans of coke I drink over the next 10 days.

Day One

3 Cans

In other news I started writing what happened on our last charter but we have already started a new one and things are busy.

For the record we travelled France > Corsica > Sardinia > Capri > Napoli > Athens.

Everywhere was cool. There were a lot of sand flies in Sardinia. I did 11 nights of night watch in a row and was very happy when we dropped out guests off in Capri.

From Capri we fuelled up in Naples and high tailed it to Athens we had a day to clean the boat and then we picked up our Guests this morning.

Greece is magnificent. The landscape is staggering and I stare in wonder questioning why rich people all have to be in St Tropez or Saint Barths with millions of other boats. There is no body here.

Re: My mountain of unfinished works. When I finally kick the bucket and my genetic code is travelling across the universe to be reborn like Spock in Star Trek III my unfinished works will be worth a lot of money and my children can buy a few cans of coke.


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