After a couple of years of not really being busy during the med summer I have finally ended up being quite busy. Quite busy for us is not actually stupidly busy but the ramifications are  felt keenly by my dragon self who has had a couple of quite relaxed med summers in the past.

We picked up our second charter of the season on Tuesday the 12th of July. The main group of guests were friends of our owner. Our owner is quite a big deal in Hollywood and it was with some surprise when I did some googling of our guest list. It turned out that the principal guest was quite a big deal as well.

Even better was discovering that the principal guest was devoutly Californian and a delight to have on board. Interesting character traits included.
Not having a dinner jacket to his name.
The only pair of footwear he bought was a pair of flip flops.
Punctuating everything with AWESOME.
Asking if he could help out when the weather turned or things looked difficult.
Running into movie stars and inviting them back on board.

When I last left you I had just seen El Fuerte. This was a good omen.
Today I had a very strange omen. I had a half a day off the boat in Antibes. I had a lovely morning with my wife and we sat on the beach for a bit and had a nice meal. We stopped in at the hop store on our way back and I had a cider for the road. I entered the toilet at approximately 2:45pm and was surprised to find when I tried to leave that I was locked in.

Naturally I banged about cursed that I was not wearing my leatherman and eventually some help was found. Help was four french staff who took apart the door and slipped a fleshy magazine under the door for my perusal. Eventually they busted the door down to let a doubly relieved kiwi outside.

The jury is deliberating over this omen. I shall let you know how it pans out.

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