If Italy was ever serious about conquering the world again they could achieve it easily with Gelato.

What is Gelato?

Gelato is the fresh made ice cream which is found in specialist stores on every street.

The ice cream is extraordinarily good. It seems to use less water than normal ice cream so is less icey. It is also kept at a perfect cold/soft temperature which means it must be eaten quickly.

There are several staple Gelato flavours but each store will have speciality flavours.

It was in one Gelato store that I noticed you can attend Gelato university and get a degree. Now that is education I could get behind.

Now getting back to my plans of world domination. I would like to export Gelato makers to strategic destinations. I will then wait until the local populace is hooked and then I will halt Gelato production until my demands are met.

My demands?


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