We are still in the port of Viareggio. Italians master of excellence Benetti are still wading through a list of warranty items. We have had a Yacht broker on board for a month. Hopefully he will go home soon. He is a pain.

Our possible could be might be owners seem nice enough. I have been hard at work getting to grips with the crazy Mexican set up entertainment system. There is a lot of redundant hardware and some practical kiwi engineeruity has come in handy ensuring that I can listen to flight of the conchords or my favourite DJ on any part of the boat.

Perish my ego but learning seamanship has been quite a learning curve. All of the can do attitude in the world can not make up for time at sea. My Captain delights in telling me to do things and expecting me to automatically know how to do them. This is usually when we are docking, manoeuvring or something mission critical.

To fast track my soon to be all encompassing knowledge of everything nautical I bought a huge book from Amazon.

The Chapmans Piloting & Seamanship book is a weighty tomb. I only wish it was full of magic spells.

Which brings me to my next segue.

I found a magicians hat in my cabin last night. Rest assured the wizards robe and hat ensemble on a Super Yacht photos are coming soon.

Speaking of my cabin I am going to have to share it soon. We are going to have a replacement first mate in the next week. With some mild face book stalking I have discovered he can spin tunes. We will get on just fine. I do not know where we are going to fit decks in our cabin though.

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