Our trip to Ibiza was an Odyssey, I realised this on Thursday morning when we discovered we had missed our return flight.

A truly mythical miss hap, exhausted by days of dancing with exotic sirens and slumbering after a poolside lotus infused cocktail drinking session. I began to wonder if we would ever be able to leave. We did have the best intentions of leaving, but in true ratherlargeadventure style we missed our flight out by a day. We soon realised there was no real reason to leave Ibiza. Our first commitments outside of Spain were not till this Monday. Why should we leave?

It did take us a few days to leave, flights on the weekend are at a premium. Flight roulette gave us the option of the serene sounding East Midlands UK. 

The truly perplexing thing is that after two and a bit weeks in Ibiza  I feel simultaneously satisfied and the faintest hint of wondering. What say I about Ibiza ?

Dance Denseness

If you like dance music there is no place like it for people like us who do not have fixed homes any more and time off is a premium. We can stay in Ibiza for a week or two and see quality DJ’s every night of the week at any time over the four months of summer.

There is dance music everywhere. In your taxi, in your elevator, in the super market. All of the night clubs give business’s promo discs. It is great.  


The weather is brilliant, This summer has not been a stand out one in the med. However we had sunshine every day bar one. On days when it was cloudy, it was usually until lunchtime and then it was clear skys tillabout 8pm when the sun set. At night time the temperature never dropped below 18-20 degrees. This is September mind, things are a lot hotter in August. 


The Island is stunning. The beaches and rock formations can put your eyes in a spin. We had an amazing afternoon parasail off the coast of Cafe Del Mar and it was mind blowing. Unfortunately they company was not keen on me recording the trip with my camera. The also dunked us in the water after promising they would not.


I knew the people of Spain were awesome before I stepped off the plane. I know mainlanders do not think Ibiza is really Spain but we felt right at home and very relaxed. So relaxed I may have started to drive on the wrong side of the road on a couple of occasions.

We met some neat people out and about, we even met some nice English in the end, be careful how you apply tar to your brush and all that what what.

The sad thing?

Well the sad thing is that we did have to leave. The really sad thing is the climate, culture and cardiac shock that is England at the end of September after living in Balearic bliss for a couple of weeks. More of that at a later date.


Good bye Ibiza!

PS I’m sitting on quite a lot of video, pictures, petite ramblings and chance meetings from Ibiza. I am not sure what to do with them. What say you?

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