It is very easy to forget we are in a different country, so many elements of Eivissa are familiar from previous adventures. Getting safely in our hotel was an adventure. We arrived at Gatwick airport very early and launched into a feast of duty free shopping. Our flight announcement was delayed and five minutes before it was due the entire airport was evacuated. Standing in a cold concrete jungle listening to hordes of English moan about not being able to smoke is not something I will want to do again, ever. 

With the fire alarm quelled we got on board our plane and were finally on our way. Our flight was very rowdy. It was easiest the loudest flight I have ever been on. Imagine a school trip in a plane on the way to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The enthusiasm is infectious and made me smile, a lot. Have you ever been on a plane when people cheer as it lands? Given the miracle of flight we should probably cheer every time we land and take off.

Immigration was very laissez faire, there was no customs clearance. Eivissa wants people to come and stay with little fuss. We then hopped on board the largest shuttle bus I have ever been on. It had like 200 seats(small exaggeration). Our bus driver neglected to take us to our hotel so we got the added bonus of seeing all of the region we are staying in. He was very apologetic. It was 3:30 in the morning.

First impressions. Well, Eivissa is very isolated and barren. It looks like an evergreen desert and the rocky outcroppings on the coast remind me of Koh Tao in Thailand. The Thailand comparisons do not stop there. there are a lot of scooters and quad bikes on the road. We shall definitely be indulging in those. There are also a lot of funky restaurants with concrete floors, plastic furniture and exotic names.

It is amazing what regular sun light can do for a people. I have found all of the Spanish and ex pats working here very friendly and welcoming. Reading Spanish everywhere is strangely familiar, it is a blend of Italian and French just better eh El Fuerte.

How awesome to walk into a clothing shop and see a wall of Dance CD’s inside a glass cabinet? I buy all of my music digitally now, but I fondly remember buying CD’s but they slowly disappeared in New Zealand along with the boom from the early 2000’s.

Funniest moment so far?

Well catching the bus to see Carl Cox left us walking a very lonely path across country. One of those moments where you are left wondering what the hell are you doing.

 The highlight of the trip so far?

Well we got to see Carl Cox playing funk, soul and disco beats on the beach. Carl was in good form really putting his hair on.

Most beautiful moment?

Last night we went to see the sun set at Cafe Del Mar. It is one of those things that you have to do and I am glad we did.

Today we are going to rent a car and drive off into the hills. We have a loose plan for the next couple of weeks but enjoying every moment is top of the agenda.


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  1. Nez
    Nez says:

    Hey Dan I haven't visited in a while, looks like you guys are still having fun. I was preparing myself for some gratuitous tit shots from your visit to Ibiza, sadly I was treated only to a path and a sunset, what's going on dude? Don't tell me Ibiza is 'not as good as the old days' means there are no longer abundant amounts of drugs and fast naked women?!


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