I left New Zealand on Monday for Europe. I took a moment to admire the results of gardenmageddon.

People, if you wish to increase the satisfaction of gardening immensely. I highly recommend using a digger at any faintly remote opportunity. Not only does it allow you to remain seated whilst accomplishing greatness. You will also look cool.
I have exposed the frailties of jumping hemispheres many a time. What made this trip special was my rather presidential arrival to my new job. I arrived in France at about 1pm. In the past year it has become normal for a driver to be waiting for me. Sometimes with a name board. This time I had a rather smart chap waiting in the air bridge.
Instead of being whisked into a car I was escorted to the helipad. My boat you see had already started heading to Palma. Not to worry I would catch it up with the Helipilot. I have not spent much time in Helicopters but I did my best not to drool. The pilot gleefully informed me we only had a quarter of a tank of fuel and would have to be pretty smart to catch them up.
We had a bearing to follow but about 15 minutes into our trip we got a low fuel warning. I hadn’t really been looking that closely for the boat. 

We had one false positive. The pilot then started asking me if I had seen anything. Relying on someone with jetlag for anything important especially a helicopter miles out to sea with low fuel is probably not a wise decision.
Thankfully we found our target. We landed safely. I felt a bit ridiculous carrying my suitcase across the pad with all of my new crew in fire gear. Thankfully I am well accustomed at feeling ridiculous.
Choppers and Diggers aye. Who would have thought?
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