When I had a job which involved travelling around New Zealand I always used to tell people I was from up north. Up north describes a great deal of New Zealand but the real up north is actually found in Northland.

For my last weekend we drove up to my in-laws to stay in at their new place and attached bed and breakfast. The first thing you realise when you take the drive up north is how desolate and natural the landscapes are. There are pockets of civilization but largely the dotted houses feel only a few years away from being enveloped by the numerous stands of bush.

It was in such a spot that we finally stopped in beautiful Kaikohe. My wife had prepared me as best she should but I was very impressed with what we found.

This is about as good as it gets
and an old favourite
We were lucky enough to stay in an attached Bed and Breakfast that I can not flail limbs enthusiastically enough about. I hope that the marketing campaign has a web presence soon enough so I can link it.
The next day we were lucky enough to attend a once in a life time event the Rawene races. Having not been to any horse races before this was surely the best possible event in the universe.
It is a largely organic, freewheeling wild west event. With a lively announcer who took time out from announcing to win an over 50’s race

 Race. Saddles optional.
There was fantastic food.

We had a cheeky drink on our way home and enjoyed the mighty Hokianga.

There was some excellent art going down in Kaikohe town in an effort to make it more awesome than it already is.

 It was great to reacquaint myself with the pack of dogs.

Some old
and some new.
I had an entirely fabulous time up north and I look forward to being up north very soon.

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