Despite my best efforts, my plan to discover Spain and hold it’s people captive with my wit and charm has been delayed. I have given this and other attempts to write my own future some thought. My only conclusion is that whilst all of my writing comes true. The timing can sometimes be out. Given current commitments, the soonest I shall be in Spain will be September. This is actually impeccable timing. More about that at a later date.

For the mean time, I am on a relaxed boat in the middle of the Med Summer that is for sale. Life is pretty good. The only problem is that I am in Hell aka Toulon. Previous dissertations on Toulon have proven worryingly accurate. With careful interviewing of the crew I have discovered the following about Toulon.

There is no real place to socialise.
The places were people socialise are usually frequented by about 3 French men who aggressively smoke outside.
There is nothing to write home about.

That does not mean that I will not try. I hope to get some time this weekend to discover Toulon. It might be ok if you are not trying to leave it. Kind of like a maze of mirrors and you have had too much to drink hic.

The good news is that my new boat has some charters booked. We will be moving to Cannes or Nice in the next week. Both ok in my book, or blog. Or whatever you call this thing.

Which reminds me….

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